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Intelligent Flow

Intelligent flow is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controlled push – pull airflow unit designed to function on a sealed enclosure to provide a negative or positive pressure condition with a given volume change rate. It is available as a fixed or mobile device and can be used on a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and Biotech industries.

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It was developed by CSP over a 3 year period at a number of European pharmaceutical plants in order to provide improved containment when dealing with gradually reducing occupational exposure limits (OELs'). The process specification for the new system was to provide all the benefits of conventional flexible containment technology, with the added advantage of an airflow system that was capable of operating on any enclosure in a negative / positive pressure condition combined with a minimum total volume change rate. An additional requirement was to provide a breech airflow condition, for instance in the case of the loss of a glove or transfer sleeve. This facility is not available on any standard ambient pressure enclosure or glove bag system. The results of trials on the prototype equipment established that significantly lower OEL's could be achieved using the equipment.

Traditionally containment systems operating in the pharmaceutical industry will be dealing with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and by subjecting an enclosure to a negative pressure airflow system it was necessary to install H14 HEPA filters to the supply and exhaust arrangements. These filters are sealed into the enclosure and are disposed of with the enclosure on completion of the production period; other filtration arrangements are also available.

A state of the art PLC with dedicated human machine interface (HMI) achieves the pressure / flow control and various other functions laid down in the process specification. The unit is programmed to cater for a range of functions but also is easy to understand from a user’s aspect. A dedicated touch screen HMI provides a display of internal pressure, extract filter pressure drop, etc.

Control Functions:

  • Constant internal pressure display via HMI touch screen.
  • Constant total air change rate display.
  • Extract filter resistance display.
  • Programmable internal pressure set point (by user).
  • Programmable total volume flow rate set point (by user).
  • Test function.
  • Leak test function.
  • Fan power consumption display.
  • Modem link for remote problem solving, rectification, etc.
  • Control link to central server unit if required.
  • Auto deflation function.
  • Machine code programme enables PLC to recognise enclosure type.
  • Pressure failure shut down facility.
  • Slow start up / shut down facility. 
  • Encryption facility.

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Features and Benefits of the Intelligent Flow:

  • Can operate at a pre-programmed set point pressure (negative and positive pressure), accurate to 1 Pascal.
  • Provides a breech condition (minimum 0.8 meters per second) through an open aperture – open cuff or transfer chamber.
  • Fan failure safe operation.
  • High / Low pressure alarms (visual / audible) programmed by user.
  • Filter blockage airflow compensation system.
  • Enclosure disposed of complete with contaminated filters.
  • Quick connect supply / exhaust airflow connections from fan unit to filters.
  • Quick connect airflow sensor coupling complete with Mini HEPA filter unit.
  • Mobile unit - can be used on any specified enclosure.
  • Cost effective solution, can be used on any enclosure size and type. 
  • Existing ambient enclosures can be modified easily and cheaply to accept the Intelligent Flow by installing filters / pressure sensor connections.
  • Multiple chamber systems available, capable of running at different pressures.
  • Extract pre-filter unit (to prevent blockage of extract HEPA filter) available.
  • System capable of running in conjunction with N2 / Low humidity supply systems.
  • Atex version available. 
  • Automatic enclosure deflation function available.
  • Housed in a mobile stainless steel enclosure. HMI can be incorporated with the enclosure or be supplied on a flying lead with bracket to allow fixing to enclosure support framework.
  • Turbulent airflow system with EC GMP Grade A internal conditions.

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